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Healthy Skin. Happiness.

Skin that defines
and defies time

The evolution of the beauty and skin care industry has proven that trends come and go and styles resurface in new forward-thinking fashions. The ideal look that everyone is chasing? It’s as fleeting as a summer romance.

Beauty will always be in a constant state of change but at its core it’s deeply rooted in one feature: natural, healthy skin. At Dupage Dermatology and Aesthetic Center, we believe healthy skin is tied to happiness, and happiness is the best beauty product you can own.

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Learn about our Golden Ratio Philosophy, Dr. Cheung’s cosmetic injection
treatment restores facial proportions and contours.

Golden Ratio Philosophy


Skin Is In

And it always has been. From professional dermatological services to anti-aging treatments, Dupage Dermatology focuses on creating healthy, beautiful skin for patients of all ages to last a lifetime.


From happened to

  • happening
  • happiness
  • happier
  • happy

Your Skin

Healthy skin is transformative. It’s the way you light up a room, it puts the confidence in your walk and your contagious vibrance defies the hand of time.


If you’re hoping for a little

  • primping
  • zapping
  • shaping
  • revamping

It’s about

A fresh face and an unstoppable confidence – this is the purest form of harnessing your inner goddess. Your beauty isn’t defined by an industry standard, it’s defined by you.


Harness your inner

  • goddess
  • prowess
  • lioness
  • heiress